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Academic Department

All academic subjects ; Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry in Government Technical High School are supportive teaching subjects.

1. Myanmar

Tongue Myanmar language is a mother to communicate conveniently to each other. The purposes of teaching “ Myanmar Subject” are to write grammatically, to develop qualifications for learning Myanmar language and mental qualities and to improve life knowledge from literature.

2. English

English is not only a universal language but also a chief language used at international conferences , seminars and other meetings. In vocational field, the purpose of teaching “ English Subject” is to use and improve four skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). English Subject is also an essential subject for developing Teachers in English Department.

3. Mathematics

The objective of teaching “Mathematics Subject” is to develop critical thinking, to calculate and predict the possible consequences of problems. Mathematics Subject id also an essential supporting subject for developing Technology .

4. Physics

Physics is a very useful and supporting subject for developing Science and Technology.

5. Chemistry

The aims of teaching “Chemistry Subject” are to memorize and understand the uses of Chemical Appliances and to get thinking ability, analytical ability, creatical thinking and ability to evaluate.

No Name Position Qualification
1 U Nay Win  Lecturer B.A (Eng),MESP
2 Daw Nwet Yin Min Lecturer B.Sc(Maths)
3 Daw Nang Su Su Hlaing  Lecturer B.Sc(Physics)
4 Daw Soe Thiri Htwe  Lecturer B.A (Eng)DESP
5 Daw Lwin Lwin Moe  Lecturer M.Sc (Maths;)
6 Daw Ei Mon Phyo Assistance Lecturer B.A(Eng)
7 Daw Myint Myat Soe Instructor B.Sc(Chem) Hons
8 Daw Lae Lae Win Instructor M.Sc(Physics)

Teacher Who Served In Academic Department